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daily life

daily life

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Guide to exploration in EVE Online
18:24, 2009-Apr-17


   buy eve online isk is a good idea to go to the world of the eve online. If you want to understand the mechanics of the probing system, you need to read Hoshi guide on probing which can be found here. For the purposes of this guide I am just going to cover the practical aspects as they relate to exploration, and skip as much of the theory as possible.

  The revelations expansion introduces proper exploration to eve. Over 250 individual exploration sites have been created and added to the game, offering a wide variety of eve isk. Each site is unique, but there are four broad categories they fall into combat sites, profession sites, mining sites and gas cloud sites.

Sites are distributed randomly all over the eve online isk cluster, in all security statuses and regions. They appear in planetary gravity wells, stick around for a while and then disappear again. As such sites are not permanent enough to be documented; you have to track them down yourself using the exploration tools if you want to make use of them, and these tools that will be explained in this guide, along with some notes on how to deal with the sites themselves.

Exploration is done using scan probes. Changes to probes in revelations make them all chance based, and that applies to exploration too. You will need to get your equipment and skills together, and load up with the right probes. You use cheap eve isk to check if there is, launch a quest in the system worth looking for.


Lineage 2, little guide
18:24, 2009-Apr-17


  Lineage 2 gold is cheap and easy to buy. It is important that if you are a go to the world of the game at the first time, it is very useful. If you are in level 5 or 7, with your new equipment, and need to level. Start to go toward the west entrance; when you get to the top of the hill-thing, talk to the sentry on the left who should offer you a quest to kill imps. Get it.

  There are lots of imps, which will give you adena when you bring them in for the quest. Be careful, though, the goblins and imps will attack enmasse if you hit ones that are too close to one another. Imps are slow, you can probably outrun them or buy Lineage gold, but the goblins are faster. If this area is not sufficient enough, go down the path that leads to the swamps, but turn right once you reach the tower which is known as the imp tower. There are some tougher mobs there. I marked the areas that you should go hunt in.

  Along the coast north of the area I circled for you, you will also find blood fungus, they might be tough for you at this point, but keep in mind that they are there later on. They were not there until C1, and I never noticed this until recently when I took my new mage there. I am not sure on how much Lineage 2 money you will have accumulated by the time you are level 9, but when you have, see if you can get some better stater weapons. Do not worry about armor you will probably find better equipment in mob drops.


Cable tips, lake in dusk guide
18:24, 2009-Apr-17


  cabal online alz, it is great to be lake in dusk. Do you want to go? But before you start that, you should know some information, like requirement, step. Here I collect some tips for that, if you are interested in that, read the following.

  There are two types of bikes in cabal alz. One is a Blue Bike, the other is an RW3. The major difference between them is not only the way they look but the fact that you can access your warehouse anywhere in the world if you carry an RW3 instead of the Blue Bike. If your lucky and have a friend that is quitting you can probably get one as soon as you start the game. But you will not be able to use it till your 80 so that will not matter.

  Another way to obtain one is by finding a player who is selling one. You will be playing well, over a billion cabal gold and possible good equips though. So save up if you feel your luck at finding one yourself is slimmer than you think. The chance of finding one is very slim. These are probably the rarest item in the entire game aside from 8 capes. Your chance of buying one from a player though is probably the best way to own one.

  Find some enemies that do not do too much damage on you but have a decent amount of health for your combos. If you are using arrows skills the enemies do not have to be that strong. If you are using lance skills on the other hand, they must be stronger.


How to enhance your weapon?
18:23, 2009-Apr-17


  buy fiesta Gold is a good desire I make. I know that most Fiesta online players want to get a shiny cool weapon like other players in game. But they do not know how to enhance it. Actually, it is really easy to enhance a weapon. Enhancing a weapon is simply upgrading it by adding extra damage, and adding a cool looking effect to it. But enhancing does not just stop there, it can also be done to armor to increase the defense they give, but they will not have any extra appearance effects.

  To enhance something, you need enhancement stoned, and a piece of equipment that you wish to enhance. This must be a weapon, a shield, or a piece of armour. You may also use certain cash shop items to aid enhancements. Normal fiesta online gold is made by players via production skill. Blessed and Lucky stones can be obtained from some normal quests, Kingdom Quests, treasure chests, Battlefield monsters, and the occasional normal monster drop. With the introduction of Battlefields, Blessed and Lucky stones are not much of a rarity now.

  To enhance something you must go to a smith. After you find one, talk to him and click the Refine Weapon button. Another window will open with much fiesta online money inside it. The center box is for the equipment you wish to refine. The other 8 boxes around it are for the enhancement stone to go in. the row of there boxes with coloured outlines below are for cash shop items.


Ghost of exercises
00:31, 2009-Mar-31


  Do you want to buy World of Kung fu Gold? Decomposition is the production skill that turns a higher tier item into multiple lower-tier items. Here is a simple guide about it, just pay attention to the guide. Once you enter the Fields of the Dead, find the Little Farmer just ahead. Go on to the camp and talk to Bhaltair and Mendark. Read both of the Wanted posters and then head NW up the path.

  Defense that is turned backwards, fast forward, turning the attack immediately, although the move seemed to block the slow ghost, because of its high success rate, back from a short like ghost, ghost relatively oblique slip out method, the success rate is higher, the relatively quick speed. The waterloo ghost which sliding block with the ghost, but also at ordinary slip and cross slip ghost, you will use World of Kung fu Gold to beat it. Proficiency in a ghost after cross slip, you can practice on this basis at oblique of the ghost.

  The third is running ghost. Running at the general ghost, oblique ghost is the same principle, only one button. You can use WoKf gold buy weapons. The weapons and the meteors are most likely to stick out of the ghost, the most suitable practice green hand ghost. Gun games in addition to wrist and not even the substance of the infinite. Since players are not new defense.

  To part counter, that is, to back a little bit of that moment by pressing one of two attacks on a key. I was only an attack by anti-key, and others I do not know. However, the success rate is still high. Want to practice against the best players is advanced that in the mission of the arrows defense mission. Crossbow attack because relatively uncertain. Practice of looking for the green hand is very good. However, because the speed of each of the different weapons, you should cost of your cheap World of Kung fu Gold. Speed counter is a bit different, but the counter point is the same.

  Such as the anti-crossbow must have the score after the others went to war we can improve the response rate has been. Say-breaking anti-pre-required under the defense to say that game has total of eight directions, we use the number keys of the keypad instead of defense is a matter of fact defense in three directions. You should use World of Kung fu money to spend the three directions.


Some useful guides and tips in dofus
00:31, 2009-Mar-31


  As a dofus player who want to earn dofus kamas, here are some nice tips should be remembered, reading it now without hesitation. Leeching is always good, if you are in a guild with some high levels ask if you can tag along one of their adventures. They will usually let you come along, but you have to stay in the guild and gain their trust first.

  Fight with a purpose, if there is a monster that you can fight that gives good xp and provides some type of resource that you need fight it. Do not waste your time and kamas on lesser monsters that do not do much for you. Invest in a nice wisdom set; it will give you an example of a really great one that you can use. It is very expensive, just something to work your way to.

  One of the first things you will learn about cheap kamas is that it has a very extensive source of emotes. With many different types of Dofus emotes or emotions to choose from, you will want to know all available commands. Emotes are a fun way to show your friends and other people what type of mood you are in. Each Dofus guide has info that can help you to find not just normal game functions but things outside of the game itself. Veterans and new players can both find a walk through very useful due to the vastness of their information.

  Dofus offers you the chance to explore a very large world in this flash-based 2D game. If you do not know where you are going or even where you have been, get yourself a map and do not worry about where you have been or where you are going. When you buy dofus kamas for maps are a great way to learn the traveling system without having to remember everything. Having your own maps also allows you to put points of interest on them that other maps might not already include.

  The information about skills calculator, another very useful tool for Dofus is a skills calculator. These calculators can be used to determine where you will put your points before you actually do it in the game. You can find out how to earn dofus gold and use one of these to its full potential from using it and exploring.


Technologies and new ideas
00:31, 2009-Mar-31


  Here are some useful messages for cabal online alz, waste your little time to read them, I think it is valuable. The first is cable online combines experience and technology. An online game is a combination of a large number of internet technologies. Many MMORPGs are getting exported to other countries. It is not awkward to call out country the leader of game industry. Our level of online game development is well recognized over the world.

  The second is cabal alz will take you one step closer with brand new ideas. In a monotonous world, a fresh new idea means an advantage. Therefore we have received a lot of interest and have made you reconsider us but it would not be as good if we gave away too much information at the beginning and did not keep introducing new ideas. We will be just one step in front of the others. You have looked at it at least once but the more you look at it, the more interested in it you become. At the start it seems very familiar but as you get more involved in the game, you become aware of the different battle and skill systems.

  It is possible that you are bother by the shadow shield, even though you use cabal gold to buy it, you do not know how to use it. Can be useful halfway through the battle, while this skill is active, all the damage a person receives will be missed. In the later part of the battle, you will receive so much damage to a point that it'll instantly be depleted. Upon depletion of Shadow Shield, Force Archer should activate their Art of Healing.

  Strengthen weapon have sharpness, but melee classes have better skills. Warriors and Bladers have Soul Blade, not to mention Bladers also have Intense Blade. Force Shielders have Crushing Blade. Force Archers have Precision, but each class has skills that are superior to this. Bladers have Art of Fierceness, Warriors have Down Breaker, and Wizards have Force Control. Although it is hard to do, when you buy cabal alz, it is easy.

  This is cabal money about new buffs; you have to take in account on how they should be used. Especially for the new buffs, the durations are short, but it is effects are significant to a point that it can raise your survivability. So it is very useful.


Some guide newbies in Atlantica online
00:31, 2009-Mar-31


  Until now, a great many players in Atlantica online want to know how to earn Atlantica online Gold and some guides for their game journey. So I collect some basic guide for them. Hope they can help them.

  Make sure your intended merc laid out fits your play style. By level 50 you will have a full group, you plus 8mercs. You are pretty much stuck with using normal merc until you get higher in level and get much Atlantica Gold. Some things to consider when planning your group, it means that it will heal all the people on that line. Monks are in a sense your support buffer, they can not heal, but they can remove nasty things like stun, poison, dots. They also get a nice spell called protection. That automatically goes off at the start of your turn each round as long as he is alive and has manna. It heals your hero and buffs his defense. Also it does not matter which row your monk and hero are in. it will hit him regardless.

  Make sure you stop in every town you run across. You only need to enter a town floor once to get its map info. If you get an NPC telling you to kill mobs on the first floor of a dungeon, before you go running back to him when it is done. Take the time to hit the other area of that dungeon. That way when he does send you back and cost your cheap Atlantica online Gold instead of running you can just teleport to the start of that floor of the dungeon. This is very important for towns as well. As you will be covering a lot of group as you level later on.

  When killing monsters foe a long enough time you learn more about them. This is monster info and it has 3 stages. Each stage increase the damage you do and decrease the amount of damage the mob does. It also helps in getting better materials and item off mobs. It random though. Some time you will buy Atlantica online Gold then get all 3 stages fast, other times not so fast. Good thing is you can have someone teach you the parts it they know them, even with mobs you have never can across.

  My advice is using all of them on hero first as to get him to cap for that type of vial first. As when the hero dies it is instant game over. So a stronger more durable hero is always nice. I would start with the front line Atlantica online money you have as usually they will be taking the most beating.


Leave a place to love
19:49, 2009-Feb-20

 As the saying goes, love is mutual. When you show your love to the other person, please leave a place to the other one. If so, it can keep the balance.

  Yesterday, it has rain. The weather is very cold; there are a few people on the road. But I saw a man seemed worry and walked in a hurry. Later, I caught up with him and asked him the reason; he told me that he went to the internet cafe; he wanted to buy cabal alz to his daughter. On account of that yesterday was his daughter??s birthday, he promised his daughter that he would buy the cabal money to his daughter.

  I felt very surprised, I told him that he can not go to the internet cafe, the weather was very cold and it has rained, he can bought cabal gold at home. But he told me that he wanted to give his daughter a surprised. He told me that last year, when his birthday, he forgot the day, when he went home, he found a gift which his daughter made for him. Although his daughter is young, she actually remembered the birthday of his father, he was very moving. At that time, he asked his daughter what gift she wants on the day of her birthday, she told his father that she want to own cabal alz, on account of that she likes to play cable. He has remembered the words, so this year; he wants to give a surprise to his daughter. Thus he did not want his daughter find this situation. I was moved by his words. Although it is common, the emotion is true. The love is mutual, only you understand what the love is, at that time, you will know the feeling.

  After that, the father missed in the rain. I went home in a hurry. I wanted to give a surprise to my parents. Of course I did not buy the cabal online alz for him, I think I can cook a dinner for them. Although I do not know how to cook the dinner, it is my mind. Furthermore, I think even though I do not cook well, in my parents?? eyes, it is delicious. Think a lot, I feel very happy. I think every people should leave a place to the other one, do you agree with me?


The Valentine's Day
19:48, 2009-Feb-20

Looking at the lover on the road, as if the road is built for them, when you are alone on the road, as if you are not fit for the atmosphere, I feel that there is no place I can stay.

  My lover and I work in the different city. So we do not meet each other in that day. I miss him very much. Writing thoughts are endless, are too many of. It is hidden in the hearts of the feelings and the feelings of a desire to communicate are written on the hearts of the romantic and understanding, it is accompanied by tears of pain, it is people are still infatuated with his own eyes to give a sustenance, it will accompanied by the people his life journey and beyond.

  I have nothing to do, so I play the game and buy AO credits. I do not know what I can do. Late at night I choose a song, listen to repeatedly, in memory of the screen constantly interval, I can not remember exactly what the story is and what the page. The story become a big container, it contain more and more cold atmosphere. The Anarchy online gold is becoming cold. I am fear to remember again. All of the things are too fault; I can not even come out. Calm down when I thought about saying goodbye. Because of that I do not want you to find me, because I do not want you to see me. You know I am too unbending, if I want to do things, no one can stop me. In the same mean, if I want to hide you, I will nit let you find me. Please forget me; we can not go to the end.

  Perhaps the emotion between you and I is fault at the beginning, no one want to blessing us. The emotion in the game is the fault. It is illusory. Even though, every time, I look at the Anarchy gold, as if I see you in virtual world, but no one believes it. Some time, I feel too struggle in my heart, I want to give up everything and together with you, but when I am calm down, I think I am too excited, at the same time, I think I am absence of courage. I do not do that. I have duty. Although in the world of game, all of the things are beautiful, it is the false. Even though you say that you will love me forever, you are willing to buy Anarchy Online credits for me forever as long as I come with you. All of the things is beautiful, but we can not escape the fettered by tradition. The love is not the thing between you and I, we need blessing.

  In the special day, only the Anarchy credits accompany with me, but I do not feel depressed, I expect the next day.


Do not waste of time
19:46, 2009-Feb-20

On account of serious economic crisis, a lot of people do not find the job, so they will stay at home. It is very bored. I think it is waste of time. On the other hand, some people have the job, but they also have nothing to do. Owing to the influence of the serious economic crisis, the company has the poor performance, so they are also very bored.

  So when I feel bored, I like to play game. I have a lot of friends in the game. Thinking of the time we meet together, it becomes an eternal memory. There are a lot of friends, some leave quietly; leaving only can not find the words. Some are still persistent struggle, in order to pursue higher. Behind every role is a master of the soul. At present, I have some LOTRO Gold, I do not willing to leave it. Some time, look at the Lord Of The Rings Gold, I will think of the time in the LOTRO. After all, this game accompany with me for three years. All of the people have the emotion.

  Some time, I meet some people who write article in the game, I feel familiar, no matter we are friends or enemies in the game, when I see them, and I feel warm. Some time, only because of the pursuit of different ideas, we become the enemy. No one have fault. Thinking of the time we spend in the game together, I feel happiness. Some time I am busy with my work, I have no time to play LOTRO, look at the cheap Lord Of The Rings Gold, and look at the article they write, as if I do not leave the game. Looking at the familiar words and familiar situation, I will come back one day.

  At the moment, I come back. Although I do not know how many times I can play the game, as long as I can play it, I will try my best to play it. Now I often buy LOTRO Gold, every day, I play the game, I am not bored. Time passed so quickly, I hope that the economic crisis gone quickly, but at the same time, I do not except it passed, on account of that when it gone, I have no more time to do something I like to do. It is complicated, as the matter of fact, the human is complicated.


Invisible forces
19:45, 2009-Feb-20

When your friends feel unhappy, it is possible that you make a lovely action, you do not say any words, he or she will feel happy. When you feel disappoint, some time, encourage the expression of an eyesight, you will have confidence, it is the invisible forces. Sometimes it is very strange, no matter what you say, you will find that it is wrong. At that time, if you do not say any words, perhaps he or she will feel comfortable.

  Special dull mood today, can not say there is a feeling, hard, really hard. But I have to say, I really can not find the reason. In the past, I wonder that one day a person to travel. At present, my dream does not come true. After all in the virtual, there are a lot of things stuck you. It is really very hard do something what you want. In order to give vent to my depression, I come into the world of the game, I want to share my feeling with the other person, or I think I can not bear it. I buy some lastchaos gold; it is the first time I buy it. Since I create this account, I never play it. Because of that I do not interested in the game, furthermore, I have a little friends in the game, so I am not willing to buy last chaos gold.

  Then I choose a person who has high rank and exciting equipment. At that time, he is playing the game with the other people. I do not say the reason. I want to talk with him. Therefore I am keeping talking to him. He is busy with the last chaos gold at that time; he dose not pay attention to me, I want to make a joke. So I am keeping talking with him. Later, he has no idea. He leaves the game. But he does not scold me. I feel surprise. He is so kind. It is contradiction with his appearance. After a while, I share with him my feeling. He talks with me a lot. I think choose him is a good choice. He has a lot of experience. He can give me some suggestion for me. This time, we talk with each other very happy. When he leaves, he gives me some lastchaos money; he tells me that he feels tired; a person to travel is very tired. He wants to leave the game. I tell him, if he feels lonely I can accompany with him. Two people will not feel lonely. He smiles, and then he leaves. Looking at the cheap lastchaos gold he gives to me. I think a lot.

  At the moment, I think I should not say that words, I think I should not tell him I will go with him. Now I regret, if I do not tell him, I think he can accompany with me now.


I want to go home
20:55, 2009-Feb-6

Time passed so quickly, I only stayed at home for five days to spend the spring festival. It is the first time I spent the spring festival for only five days. In the morning, I get up and listen to the sound of the banger, I miss my home. Even though I know that I grow up and should leave my parents, but I can not do that, a person alone outside is very lonely.

  So most of the time, the game accompany with me. In fact, I am a person who does not believe love in the virtual world. Therefore I choose to play games; I want to use it to spend my boring time. In the game of Anarchy Online, as if I find myself. I have the habit that when I play the game, the first thing is Anarchy gold, perhaps in the virtual I loss a sense of security, so when I have Anarchy online gold, I feel save.

  To a person who accustomed to lonely, no one can easily access to their heart. I am a person like this; I could not believe the other person except my parents. In fact, I want to change this, but I could not find the right person. One day, I feel happy, by chance, he comes into my world. He is a very cheerful person; he finds that I always not chat with the other people in the game, so his initiative to talk to me. In the past, when someone wants to talk with me, I would not take notice of him. Then they will leave, but he is difference, he speaks a lot, despite I am not take notice of him. After a while, I find that today I am not buy AO credits, so I ask him to go with me. He feels very happy. At the end, I take notice of him.

  I do not know whether it is the love or not. I feel that when he in my side, I feel warm, I do not feel lonely. He often buys the Anarchy credits for me, but every time, I do not accept, then he will feel angry, I have no idea.

  At the moment, I always miss my home, but I do not feel lonely, perhaps the Anarchy Online credits accompany with me, perhaps he is in my side, I do not care.


The spring is coming
20:55, 2009-Feb-6

After a few days, the spring is coming. Around the year, I like the spring most. In the spring, the weather is very good; it is not too cold or too hot. In the spring, the flower will open, the animals will out of their house, everything is new. In the spring, we are also growing up, we are become mature. A lot of things we can not understand in the past, at the moment, it is clear in my mind.

  At the moment, I play the lastchaos for one year. I remember last spring I played it. Our life is so dull; there is no noise, nothing exciting colors. One day, a friend of mine says to. I also have this feeling. Then she suggests that we can play the game. Listening to the other people, play game can help you spend the boring time. But I am not interested in the game, so I am not agreeing with her. Therefore, she plays the game alone. Two weeks later, she tells me that a game called lastchaos is very interesting. At present, she has 20 ranks. She asks me play this game and helps her. Because of that if she meets trouble; I can give her lastchaos gold to save her. Looking at the anticipate eye of her, at this time, I can not reject her. If not, I think I am too crazy. I agree with her. She feels very happy. So I try it with the attitude of the lastchaos.

At the beginning, I come with them kill the monster, because I am a naive, and come with them I feel save. Some time, I will train the power leveling alone. My friend is too anxious, when she has 20 ranks; she always tries to kill the monster that has 30ranks. At the end, she always will be dying. At that time, I will buy last chaos gold to save her. Owing to I am not good at play it, so I only use this way to save her. But it is waste of lastchaos money, but her always not listen to me. Therefore, I have an idea. I let her training the power leveling in order to get the cheap lastchaos gold, if so, she not only has good skills but also can earn the money. This is the good way. But expectations and reality often clash, as we had hoped for, may not be able to obtain. She is too lazy, she is not willing to do that, I have no idea. There is only way I can help her.

  In the one year, we all become master. We can play it alone; we do not need the other help us. But we also use last chaos gold, we can not leave it.



Flower is dying down
20:54, 2009-Feb-6

At one time or another, I listen to a song; I am waiting for you, until the flower is dying down, you still do not come. When I listen to this song, I feel very sad; I think the actress is not worthy doing that. We should survive for ourselves, it is very bitter that survive for the other people. But something is not easy as you think when I buy LOTRO Gold, I believe it.

I think some people may believe, some people can rely on, some people can give you a warm, some people can give you happiness. But no one can keep you down forever. Life is arbitrarily turned into each are accompanied by severe pain. In the shadow, I meet a lot of friends. They always come and go. Today he will go. Tomorrow the other one will come, look at the people come and go, there is a feeling can not say by any words. The life is always like this. But I always insist, insist in buying Lord Of The Rings Gold. How long ago, the best things always disappear too quickly, but it has always been reluctant to believe that one day such a thing will happen in my own eyes. Feeling lonely, there is a total look forward to be able to stop those who understand, appreciate or even do a short stay. It is my beautiful wishes. Several days ago, a friend I met in shadow, they asked me to buy LOTRO Gold for him. I felt very happy he could come. Owing to that he went to abroad for two month, he always remembers the game, remember the friends in the shadow. Shadow is the big family that we can not leave it.

In the past, I played many kinds of games, as if looking for grass shepherd, passing one of the deserts. The other game may be very well, a lot of people think that good, but my dream and do not meet, and the desert can not always achieved the dream of a shepherd. When I met cheap Lord Of The Rings Gold, it reached my target.

  At the moment, we always in the world of the lotro, we have the habit that use the game gold together, if so, we are in the same line. Every day, we play the game together; it has become a part of our life.


A world of one person
20:46, 2009-Feb-6

This is a rainy season. To the rainy day, I feel there is no reason for the depressed. This is a very lonely days, are under some of the sad rain. This is a world I care about, but there is an outcome does not matter. In order to have loved to strive, in order to avoid love in the past, to avoid that familiar with the past, to avoid strange that you. It is the reason I like most. As if it tells the story of mine.

  Sleeping alone in the bed, I have cold for several days. In the period of time, I am not play cable, every day my head is dizzy. I am afraid that if I play the game, I think I must be killing by other people soon. I do not want to waste of my cabal alz, in order to get this money I am hard to training power leveling every day.

  In the period of time, I can not play the game, you know, how pain I feel. I miss the friends in the game. I do know whether they miss me or not. I do not tell them I have cold. Although the computer is near to me, I can not play. At present, I miss my husband especially in the game. I think when he knows I have cold; he must be worry about me. In these days, I think when I am better; I will let him buy cabal alz for me. In his eyes, I am like a baby who was spoiled, but he always forgives everything of me, including my fault. Together with him, I feel I am the most well-being person in the world.

  A lot of people in the street, look at these people, I remember the situation we stand in a line to buy cabal gold, unwitting I smile. At that time, a lot of people want to buy cabal money, owing to at that time it is cheap. Remember the days in the game, my feelings are improving. I have to get better as soon as possible. If so, I can continue to play games, I am eager to see my friends.

  Life is like that, sometimes you feel good, sometimes you feel bad. After all, every people have the emotion, play the cable for long time, I can leave the emotion and the cabal online alz.


Happiness is knocking at the door
23:46, 2009-Jan-30

At one time or another, I watched a movie; it let me know what the meaning of happiness is. In the past, to life I have no passion. I think that the life is dull. It has no taste. So I want to change the system. I think change a style; it will have a different style. But it is very hard to do, so my dream does not come true.

One day, my friends tell me that if you play the game, you will find the happiness. At present, I think a game called knight, without hesitate, I bought knight gold, in the game I can find myself. I will not think the boring thing in the life. Sometimes, I feel unhappy; I will come into the world of knight and try my best to kill the enemy. At that time, I feel calm down. I do not think anything. In the chance to wake up the sleeping, I will take a look around the eyes, dark, to the endless darkness. I feel lonely, but I do not want to talk with anyone, so I buy knight noah, and continue playing the knight. Sometimes, if you have something, it is not the only way you talk to other people, owing to everyone has their things, perhaps they have no time, perhaps they are not willing to hear from you. So at this time, you can play the game, in the game, you can release of your own. You should not consider other people.

At present, think the happy day I spend in knight, I am eager to enter it, and buy knight online gold, but I can not do that. A person say that, sometimes miss is a good thing. People will find spiritual sustenance in spirits. Games, is also a place, even the virtual world, of which there will be a real joy. Happy is a real life, no matter what kind of a way to obtain.

Own knight online noah, it means that you own the life of happiness. You should not suspect. It is my experience. Please believe and remember.

  At the moment, the happiness is knocking at my door. I feel very happy. As the saying goes, every day you should pass by, why do not you happy to spend? So I will not leave cheap knight gold. It is the origin of the happiness.


The spring festival
23:46, 2009-Jan-30

Time passed so quickly that last year lost in our mind. A new year come quickly. Every year, the spring festival is the festival that I expect most. But when I ask my friends at abroad, they all do not know China has this festival. I am dizzy. So I tell them the festival.

During the spring festival, we have a holiday. It lasts for long time. At that time, in addition to arrangements for a number of activities, the remaining time I would choose to play games. Owing to I often play the game, one day, I hear from my friends, he tells me that there is a game is very exciting called metin2. When I listen to the game name, I think this game is must be very interesting. Without thinking I buy some Metin2 yang. Later, I find I make a right decision. In the metin2, a lot of people often consist in a group. So they can beat the enemy easily, because the enemy is strong. If you just depend on yourself, it is too difficult. I use some Cheap metin2 yang and want to find a good group. Many have been to the association, as if looking for grass shepherd, passing one of the deserts. Society may be other very well, a lot of people think that good, but my dream and do not meet, and the desert can not always achieved the dream of a shepherd.

It is often said that both the sentimental poem and beautiful article, or the joy of leisure. What they can not replace the very close friendship. In the metin2, we are a family. You can do the things you want to do. As that there is a big family behind you. We often buy Cheap metin2 gold together on Monday. As if it is a rule. I think it is the real friendship.

From an early age would like to grow up happy, then all the way to find my own well-being. In the metin2, I find it. Buy metin2 gold is already become the essential thing in my life. I think I will not leave it.

  Every time, I play the game, I feel very happy. As the matter of fact, it is fit for the atmosphere of the spring festival. So I will introduce my friends have the Metin2 gold, we can be consist of a group, it must be very interesting.


I have no words
23:46, 2009-Jan-30

In my mind, I believe the fate. But some time it comes so quickly that I can not stand. Especially that when one people love the other people, but the opponent does not love her, but she insists on that is the fate. When I meet those things, I have no words. I think at that time, no matter what you say, it is no power.

Some time, a person alone at home. The time is very boring. Lonely late at night, drifting of the helpless, gently narrow the distance between you and me, quietly stepped into your territory, the familiar streets, familiar air. Twelve sky, I leave you too long, I still remember that the vast sea of humanity I am in a small. After separate for one year, I can not leave you, leave twelvesky Gold. I do not know whether you forget me or not, but please accept me again. Accept the lonely people, my hometown. I hope that you will not blame me, because I am very regret.

Now I buy 12Sky Silver Coins again, I do not want to leave you, but at that time, I have no idea. I am in the way of the college entrance examination, I must leave you. I have to be responsible for my future. Please understand me. I have no idea. Buy 12 sky gold is the thing I want to do for long time. Do you know that, the silence, quiet night, let me enter your chart, I infinite good memories led to my silent tears? No heart to resolve the pain, do you take me that you vast field of wandering aimlessly, until I forgot to. Every time, I want to see you for a sight, but I could not do that, because if I enter it, I think I will not want to leave you. Would you understand me?

Twelve sky, I know that 12sky gold is your life. So I will try my best and do not let you pass away. The longer the game I was a lot of good memories, let me know how to know a lot of things. I know the unrealistic, but I was a motive to create my own role. So I will not let you go. I think it is the way I can save you.

  In my mind, I think I have twelve sky Gold is the fate. When I feel bored, it comes to my side. It accompanies with me for long time, it has become a part of my life. It is also my loyal friends.


Life is like a dream
23:46, 2009-Jan-30

Time passed so quickly that it just like a dream. When you wake up, it is possible that you become old. On the other words, you are on the way to the mature. As the matter of fact, when we are in the world, we know nothing, when time passed by, we will know a lot of things, it contains the life.

Some times, I have a question. Why we can not know the meaning of life when we come in the world? Since I played the game of flyff, I know the truth. Our friendship in the inside game, we play inside the cheerful, now in retrospect, or so realistic, so we moved. Never forget, no regrets. In flyff, it brought us close to a long-term consumption only. To buy flyff gold, it is not the aim of the flyff. It is the game which brings a lot of happiness to me. At the same time, it brings the friendship to me. All of those things, I can not be forgotten. Remembered the day we share our sorrow and happiness each other. We buy the flyff penya together. Whose grief, buried in the sand, the wind swirling wind marked quietly, leaving a long shadow shaking, and a reflection of our grief. Whose happiness, such as the hoarse voice, and wipe away the soul of the most vulnerable people, the sky with ever-changing scenery. All of those things, we always share together. In flyff, we have no secret. All of us like a park which is very clean.

The beautiful story, we can not be forgotten, buy flyff penya, we can not be forgotten, too. Whose calling, as is the real, has been the friendship, do we remember? Who left the door our hearts, whose return, affect our mood. We want to own it, perhaps you think that we are so greedy, we will not say no, because it is the truth. We do not want to change it. Do you agree with us? If you want to join our family, please do not hesitate. You will not regret to have cheap penya.

  Life in the flyff is like a dream. In the game of the flyff, it gives me a lot. When I play the game, it is the course that I know the life. As the saying goes, life is like a game. It is true. So I will continue to have flyff money, it is a beautiful fairy tale, it looks like my life.


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